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Fischer Twin Skin Race Mohair Skins

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Replacement skins for Twin Skin Fischer cross country skis made from 100% mohair.

41cm for ski length: 182cm, 187cm and 192cm

45cm for ski length: 197cm, 202cm and 207cm

Fischer Twin Skin Race Mohair Skins can be changed quite easily:

1) To remove the old skins, warm them a little with a hairdryer or iron

2) Next, starting at the rear end, lift and remove the old skin carefully using a sharp implement

3) Clean the skin groove and remove any traces of adhesive which may be left behind

4) Remove about 5cm of the protective film at the front of the new skin

5) Make sure the hairs are in the right direction: when you run your finger over them from the front to the rear of the skin you should not feel any resistance

6) Position the skin in the groove at the front end and press it down with your finger

7) Next, press down the skin into the groove working from the front to the rear. Following this, remove the film from front to rear using one hand and while doing this gently press down the skin with the other hand likewise from front to rear. Important: do not stretch the skin at all because it should keep its original length and fit perfectly in the skin groove.

Finally, go over the skin again several times with your hand, press it down and make sure it is in place without any unevenness. If you do find any bumps, press them down to remove them.

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