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Shadow Conspiracy BMX

Shadow Invisa Lite Shin/Ankle Combo Pads

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Avoid shim and ankle slashes once and for all

The Invisa Lite Shin/Ankle Combo Pads by The Shadow Conspiracy features shin and ankle protection combined in one. If you're an active BMX rider, you're more than likely to recognize the painful scenario when your pedals hit your shin and/or ankle. With the Invisa Combo Pads, those times are all over.

Technical features

  • Pads made from 3D foam, that hardens on impact
  • 4-way stretchable ankle sock allowing maximum freedom of movement
  • Light construction with an open back design for an easy fit and added vent
  • Inner made from neoprene materials for minimum friction and maximum breathability
  • Hook and loop closure for a great and easy fit (Velcro-a-like)

Notice: One size fits most

reviews   (18)
Skyler Johnston (Payson)
Rating: 4 of 5!
These are lightweight, give really good protection and are comfortable / breathable - so you don't get as much sweat build-up. They fit under jeans without being particularly noticeable, if that kinda thing worries you. I'd say light street and park use, these are great. I can't tailwhip, so I'm not sure how much protection they'd give against the bike slamming into your ankle, but I'd be confident it would be pretty good. A further benefit is that they're easy to wash and keep clean / prevent them from getting too funky. They dry pretty fast too. The ankle gasket is a bit tight, so getting them off is sometimes tricky for me. If I were to sprain my ankle wearing these, then have to take them off, I feel like that would not amount to a good time.
Sam B. (London)
Rating: 4 of 5!
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