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Them Danny Beer Aggressive Inline Skates

Shoe size: 7
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The Danny Beer are designed for ramps, tricks and grinds. This model of Them aggressive skates comes equipped with a quality hard boot. This is exactly you if you are looking for a skate with support and a good power transfer.

These skates will fit just right if you have slightly narrower feet.

  • Composite frame with a rugged and light design offering you a comfortable ride due to the absorption of road vibrations
  • 58mm wheels with a hardness of Not Specified and a wide profile for fast acceleration and solid landings of your tricks
  • Anatomically shaped liner that is intended to follow the natural structure of your foot for enhanced comfort

Remember to check the screws before first use and tighten them if necessary. Please also note that you have to regularly examine the condition of the screws afterward.

Wheel diameter:
Wheel hardness:
Not Specified
Frame type:
Flat setup
Boot/Shell type:
Liner features:
Removable, Shock absorber, Anatomically shaped, Intuition
Lacing, Micro-adjustment buckle
Bearing precision:
Not specified
Wheel width:
Frame material:
Fiber glass, Plastic, Composite
Boot material:
Transparent plastic
Liner material:
Mesh, Memory foam, Neoprene
Flexible, Adjustable
Backslide plate:
Recommended for:
Aggressive skating
reviews   (5)
So happy with them!
Ian Bonhote (London)
Rating: 5 of 5!
The best thing I’ve ever bought
Tabitha Millett (Cambridge)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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