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North Kiteboarding

North Rebel 2018 Kite

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The Rebel kite - it is in the name. This high performance freeride kite from North is a great choice for kitesurfers wanting a powerful, stable, predictable kite - This one will work for a large variety of riders.

You get endless hangtime and powerful big air jump. If you are more into easy cruising sessions this 2018 kite has some new designs that will cover your needs also - The new bridle system provides a smoother, quicker, rounder turning, enhanced turning speed and increase in wind range and you can personalize the line setup:

  • Hard - Dynamic ride, high bar load and increased feedback from the kite for better jumping and aggressive kite loops.
  • Soft - Light bar load and progressive power development.

Also, the Rebel kite can be flown on 4 or 5 lines - for your individual preferences and riding style. 4 or 5 line connection - using a four line bar by using the upper knot on the connection line while 5 line riders will use the lower knot connection line together with the nose line.


  • Trinity TX (High Performance Kite Fabric)
  • Max Flow Valve - 6mm to 9mm tubes - rapid inflate and deflate
  • Glued Zigzag stitches - supports overall stability of the kite
  • Load distribution panels - spreading increased forces better
  • Trailing edge force control - smooth power distribution by forcing tensions in right directions
  • Straight trailing edge outline, Good steering, and low flutter
  • 5 struts
  • Self-rescue handles inside the wingtips
  • Airport Valve II - Userfriendly non-return valve
  • Heavy Duty Leading edge closing seam
  • Anti Snag - preventing lines from tangling around the tip + easier waterstarts
  • Computerised cutting - millimeter precise working
  • Fusion strut
  • Double-V Pigtails
  • Abrasion reinforcement
  • Kook Proof connectors - You cannot accidentally connect lines incorrectly
  • Progression Q (Norths commitment to quality, innovation and premium products)
  • TQM-The Quality check card
  • Computerised sewing

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Kite Bar:
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Kite Lines:
4th or 5th Lines Possible
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