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CCM ice skates & hockey gear

CCM Ribcor 65K Hockey stick

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Get the best stick for your ice hockey games and enjoy the explosive release of a true Ribcor stick

The unique geometry of the Ribcore shaft enhances the performance and flex of the carbon fibers whilst still protecting them with outer walls. This yields an ice hockey stick with a great feel and an explosive release.

Tech features:

  • Optimized Ribcor Low Kick-point
    • Engineered low kick point drives quickness of release while the optimized flex ratio allows for ease of loading
  • X-Flow shaft technology with a high ratio of carbon fibers
    • An advanced molding technology that eliminates excess resin and voids for
      improved shaft quality, consistency, and durability while reducing the overall
      weight of the stick
    • Enhanced Pop-matrix technology
      • Newly re-engineered Ribcor geometry offers a more efficient and seamless energy transfer to maximize bending strength and speed of release
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ascent blade 2
    • ​​​​​​​Lightweight blade with a tactile surface and reinforced heel/toe area offers heightened puck feel​​​​​​​
  • C6 Blade with a tactile surface and C6 shaft
    • A carbon fiber weave that provides remarkable overall stiffness and strength for added durability on the shaft and blade. Tactile blade surface delivers heightened puck feel
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Intermediate Geometry
    • Designed in collaboration with elite women’s hockey players and select youth players, this new design features rounded corners and concave sides for
      enhanced control and comfort.
Total Height:
Blade Material:
Stick Material:
Composite Fiberglass and Carbon
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