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Animal Aluminum Bar Ends

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Get a set of super rugged bar ends for your steel bars with the Animal Aluminum Bar Ends

Got a steel bar and tired of loosing or wearing down the plastic/rubber bar ends, then this set will surely relieve you of your frustrations.

Two things make these bar-ends live longer than most regular ones. First is the fact that they are made of aluminum which is more durable than plastic. Furthermore, you can tighten them securely in place with the wedge-shaped inserts that fit with most steel bars. They are held in place with a flush-mounted Allen bolt.


Will not work with aluminum bars, since the smallest allowable diameter it can go to is still too big for the alu-bars. It measures 18mm in it's absolute smallest setting.

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Amazing lightweight and strong barends from one of my favourite brands , highly recommended for sure !
Peter Arghyrou (Cheltenham)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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