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Skateboard Bearings 8-Pack

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Get yourself a fresh set of skateboard bearings from the company that invented the modern ball bearing - SKF

Some of you may know SKF as one of the world's largest and most precise manufacturers of bearings. They have gone and done the skateboarding scene a massive favor with the introduction of what they believe to be the best bearing for skating available.

SWISS precision at ABEC-level pricing

  • SKF has managed to bring you a bearing that is 50% faster than any Chinese ABEC5 - ABEC9 bearings. The lifespan far exceeds that of those cheaper Chinese bearings as well.
  • Other manufacturers label bearings of this quality and precision as SWISS - But SKF won't charge you near the same as the others do, and have also gotten these bearings in the true ABEC5 precision.

Notice: By recommendation from SKF, any session should be started up with a 2-minute warm-up to get the grease up to operating temperature.


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reviews   (5)

I highly recommend these bearings. Warning, there is a break-in period. Give them a chance. They are probably some of the most underrated skateboard bearings in the market. I noticed that when you pick up your board and spin the wheels with you hand, they are nothing special. They will spin a few seconds and stop. However, when you are riding, every push tends to make the board roll longer. In other words, they hold speed better than other bearings. Every push will make you go further. Lastly, these bearings have grease inside. So maintenance is minimal and they only get faster as they heat up during use. These are just as good as the FKS from the 2000's that used to be blue.
D. Macias (Santa Clara)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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