Touring-Bandy Skate Sharpener

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The SkateMate touring-bandy skate sharpener is a tool that lets you sharpen your ice skates anywhere, anytime. Do you need to perform a quick sharpening before you are going out on the ice? Or is there no shop offering professional skate sharpening near you? SkateMate is the best handheld skate sharpener, and it is small enough to fit right in your pocket, so there is no longer any excuse not to keep your blades nice and sharp.

This SkateMate version is equipped with the flat diamond sharpening insert for touring and bandy skates. It is very easy to replace it with a spare one or with an insert suited for a different type of ice skates, just in case you are active in multiple ice skating sports.

Built to hold replaceable inserts that are coated with a very strong abrasive, the SkateMate ice skate sharpening tool is truly a universal skate sharpener that can be used for touring-bandy skates, figure and ice hockey skates - it all depends on the insert placed inside the SkateMate.

Available skate sharpening inserts:

  • Touring-Bandy Skates flat diamond insert
  • Figure Skates 100-grit cylinder
  • Hockey Skates 120-grit cylinder for the final finish and to keep the blade sharp
  • Hockey Skates 100-grit cylinder for the first sharpening or for very worn out blades
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