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The Doop Purple Dusk 90 freeskates have a really nice price-to-performance ratio. If you are looking for agile and maneuverable skates for slalom and urban freeskating, these skates could be for you. Step out of the metro-line and into your skates and off you go. The wicked twist on this setup is that you can skate them while wearing your favorite sneakers. On these Doop freeskates, you will find a hard boot. So if good power transfer and support are something you are looking for, the hard boot construction will provide you with that.

  • High-Cut cuff gives you maximum ankle support for stabilization and reducing your muscle fatigue
  • Aluminum frame offers you direct handling characteristics while being super lightweight
  • Flat setup with wheels of the same size gives you a nice and stable base
  • 90mm wheels with a hardness of 83A are right on the mark to round up this setup
  • Trinity mounting system to optimize your balance and control because it is bringing the wheels as close to the boot as possible
  • Brake included in the package

Remember to check the screws before first use and tighten them if necessary. Please also note that you have to regularly examine the condition of the screws afterward.

Notice: The strap/loop on the back of the boot is for carrying the skates and is not meant to be pulled when you take the skates on.


Wheel diameter:
Wheel hardness:
Boot/Shell type:
Hard, Step-in
Skill Level:
Frame material:
2x Micro-adjustment buckles, Velcro
Bearing precision:
Frame type:
Flat setup
Max wheel diameter:
Boot material:
Plastic, Fiberglass, Composite
High lateral support, Integrated carrying loop
Yes, Adjustable
Recommended for:
Freestyle skating

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reviews   (1)

I skate for fitness, commuting & fun.I also skate to the supermarket with my daughter in her pram but recently caught & told not to do that again even though I'm respectful going round slower than a walking pace.I've been doing that for months before anyone noticed.As I want to skate to the shops I bought Doop skates.Tried them for the first time skating to the supermarket.Skating was ok but didn't feel too stable.Not stable enough to do anything but a T stop. I still need to do a bit of adjustment to the skates so I feel more comfortable but managed10mph so not too bad.I was wearing lace up trainers & I feel about 3 miles would be enough as when I got home I felt a bit of a pain on my left foot inside edge. My right was achy but not painful hence more adjustment needed. In conclusion I'm happy with these skates for little jaunts to shops or collecting my eldest from school as it's only down the road. But for everyday skating commuting fitness etc I'll stick with my next boots.
James Smart (Gosport)
Rating: 3 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Hi James,

Thank you for your review.😊
We are glad that you like this design, and you still had a fun time with them. We are sorry for the created discomfort. Sometimes it can be hard to fully benefit of certain models because of feet and resistance are so unique.

We hope you can still use them for your favorite activities,🤙 and wishing you good luck in choosing a nicer pair for other riding styles that would suit you better.

Have a lovely day!