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Powerslide Skates

Powerslide Next Rose 100 Freeskates

Shoe size: 7.5-8
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Powerslide One Allround Skate Helmet (S - Black)
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SkatePro T-shirt
8-10 - Chive
8-10 - Cuban Sand
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12-14 - Chive
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XXL - Heather Grey
XXL - Black
XXL - Chive
XXL - Tap Shoe/Camelia Rose
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Powerslide One Allround Skate Helmet
Powerslide One Allround Skate Helmet (1 pcs)
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SkatePro T-shirt
SkatePro T-shirt (1 pcs)
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The Next Rose 100 are suitable for agile skating and playing with urban obstacles. On these Powerslide freeskates, you will find a heat moldable boot which will provide you with support and a good power transfer and a liner which ensures an individual customized fit.

  • High-Cut cuff giving you maximum ankle support for stabilization and reducing your muscle fatigue
  • Aluminum frame offering you direct handling characteristics while being super lightweight
  • 100mm wheels with the hardness of 85A are right on the mark to round up this setup
  • Trinity mounting system to optimize your balance and control because it is bringing the wheels as close to the boot as possible
Compatible parts

Find products compatible with Powerslide Next Rose 100 Freeskates:

Compatible parts
Wheel diameter:
Wheel hardness:
Boot/Shell type:
Hard, Heat moldable
Frame material:
Lacing, Buckle
Bearing precision:
Frame type:
Boot material:
Liner material:
Memory foam
High lateral support
Recommended for:
Fitness skating, Aggressive skating, Freestyle skating, Training skating
reviews   (5)
So far they’re amazing and work really nicely! They also arrived a week early the week of Christmas! Which, considering they shipped from Denmark to the US, I’m thoroughly impressed! Really fast, maintain speed easily and they’re very maneuverable and solid! Great for urban or distance skating (I like both). They’re breaking in nicely as well after some adjustment time with the buckles and laces. Best quality skates I’ve ever owned and I’ll probably never use another brand. Great job Powerslide! Love these beauties Ns I’m having a blast learning in them!
Gabrielle Ramsey (Cary)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I LOVE THESE SKATES!! I haven’t had my own pair of rollerblades in over 15 years and for some reason I knew these were the skates for me. They took a little while for me to get the buckles and laces fitting comfortably and tight but I got it. I’m skating like I never took a 15 year break. They’re so fast and fun and make me feel really confident in my skating. I took them to the roller rink last week and I was doing moves I didn’t know I could do and kicked butt in the speed skate round. Buy these and have all the fun!
Katherine C. (Saint Petersburg)
Rating: 5 of 5!
After some break in time, these skates fit like a dream. They're fast, smooth, and sturdy. Customer service answered my questions about sizing quickly and were very helpful. Highly recommend these skates from this shop!
Christina E. (Bullhead City)
Rating: 5 of 5!
These skates are amazing! I love the smooth ride and the agility of three wheels instead of four. They really have nearly the agility of ice hockey skates, but on inlines! Meanwhile, they are low enough to the ground to still feel very stable. I bought them because local road re-paving projects keep landing me on bumpy chip-and-seal pavement, and they are definitely an improvement from my previous 4x90 setup. An update - Still five stars! The lower strap, that goes over the ankle, seems extra long, which may be putting extra strain on it when removing the skates, and after about 100 miles of skating, it broke off. Thanks so much, Skatepro, for the quick replacement! These skates are still fantastic. When they're new, these skates have a very stiff feel, but I replaced the MyFit liner with the liner from my old skates and now they feel great!
Pam Rooks (Overland Park)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Skates were awesome, they were a size too big but the promptly shipped us the correct size and made returning these super easy with their return shipping program!
C. Claus (Kensington)
Rating: 5 of 5!