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Powerslide Imperial One 80 Crimson Freeskates

Shoe size: 2-3
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Powerslide One Allround Skate Helmet
S - Black (+ 22.95)
S - Black (+ 25.95)
M - Color 02 (+ 22.95)
L - Black (+ 22.95)
Family Adjustable Skate Helmet
S - Flat Black (+ 28.95)
S - Gloss White (+ 28.95)
M - Flat Black (+ 28.95)
M - Gloss White (+ 28.95)
L - Gloss White (+ 28.95)
L - Flat Black (+ 28.95)
Eight Ball Skate Helmet
52-56 - Black (+ 38.95)
52-56 - Blue Fade (+ 38.95)
52-56 - White Gloss (+ 38.95)
52-56 - Teal (+ 38.95)
55-58 - Black (+ 38.95)
55-58 - Blue Fade (+ 38.95)
55-58 - White Gloss (+ 38.95)
55-58 - Gun (+ 38.95)
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SkatePro T-shirt
6-8 - White
6-8 - Sky Blue
6-8 - Wasabi
6-8 - Pinneedle
6-8 - Cactus Flower
6-8 - Black
6-8 - Arrowwood
6-8 - Heather Grey
6-8 - Bluebird
8-10 - Sky Blue
8-10 - Black
8-10 - Heather Grey
8-10 - White
8-10 - Wasabi
8-10 - Pinneedle
8-10 - Cactus Flower
8-10 - Arrowwood
8-10 - Bluebird
10-12 - Sky Blue
10-12 - Black
10-12 - Pinneedle
10-12 - White
10-12 - Wasabi
10-12 - Cactus Flower
10-12 - Arrowwood
10-12 - Bluebird
10-12 - Heather Grey
12-14 - Chive
12-14 - Sky Blue
12-14 - Flame Orange
12-14 - Cuban Sand
12-14 - Flame Scarlett
12-14 - Pinneedle
12-14 - Cactus Flower
12-14 - Heather Grey
12-14 - White
12-14 - Bluebird
12-14 - Wasabi
12-14 - Blueberry
12-14 - White
12-14 - Black
12-14 - Arrowwood
S - Chive
S - Sky Blue
S - Blueberry
S - Cuban Sand
S - Heritage Blue
S - Black
S - Flame Scarlett
S - Wasabi
S - White
S - Heather Grey
S - Arrowwood
S - White
S - Cactus Flower
S - Black
S - Flame Orange
S - Pinneedle
S - Bluebird
M - Heather Grey
M - Black
M - Bluebird
M - Black
M - Blueberry
M - Pinneedle
M - Arrowwood
M - Sky Blue
M - Camo/White
M - Flame Scarlett
M - Chive
M - White
M - White
M - Cactus Flower
M - Wasabi
L - Sky Blue
L - Wasabi
L - Camo/White
L - Cactus Flower
L - Black
L - Chive
L - Bluebird
L - Heather Grey
L - White
L - White
L - Pinneedle
L - Arrowwood
XL - White
XL - White
XL - Black
XL - Wasabi
XL - Camo/White
XL - Pinneedle
XL - Bluebird
XL - Cactus Flower
XL - Arrowwood
XL - Black
XL - Heather Grey
XL - Sky Blue
XXL - Heather Grey
XXL - Bluebird
XXL - Black
XXL - White
XXL - Arrowwood
XXL - Pinneedle
XXL - Wasabi
XXL - White
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SkatePro Fitness Backpack
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SkatePro Fitness Backpack
SkatePro Fitness Backpack (Black) (1 pcs)
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Powerslide One Allround Skate Helmet
Powerslide One Allround Skate Helmet (1 pcs)
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SkatePro T-shirt
SkatePro T-shirt (1 pcs)
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The Imperial One 80 is a perfect day to day skate. The shell has been reworked for an improved fit. Great rollerblades for beginners and also optimal for the more advanced riders.

They come with X-slot 165mm frame mounting system, Powerslide Gamma frame with a single axle system and replaceable side protectors on the boot. They feature Powerslide Hurricane 80mm 85A wheels and Wicked ABEC 7 bearings.

This skate fits over two sizes.

The MYFit liner can be heat molded for perfect fit. Click here to see a detailed description of how to mold the liner.

Compatible parts

Find products compatible with Powerslide Imperial One 80 Crimson Freeskates:

Compatible parts
Wheel diameter:
Wheel hardness:
Boot/Shell type:
Frame material:
Liner features:
Removable, Shock absorber, Anatomically shaped, Heat moldable, Stretch Toe
Lacing, Buckle, Micro-adjustment buckle
Bearing precision:
Frame type:
Flat setup, 4-wheeled
Max wheel diameter:
Boot material:
Fiberglass, Composite
Liner material:
Mesh, Foam
Stable, High lateral support
Recommended for:
Fitness skating, Freestyle skating
reviews   (17)
Well the skates look great but i was disappointed in realizing i got the size completely wrong. For an fyi if your a size 6 Man/Youth in the US it’s a 38 in EU lol. I purchased a different kind and currently very happy with. Love that they also include skatepro stickers. The communication between them is actually very responsive so i really appreciated that. Really wish sizing was a bit more helpful on their website. The return label they provide ( if you choose to return it that way) takes way to long to receive it through email. Other then that will definitely recommend this website.
Gloria Tineo (Kingston)
Rating: 4 of 5!
two issues-I have pronated and wide feet. so i had to adjust the rail to the very outer side of the skate to fix my pronation issue. My second issue #im a little thicker/wider. this was tricky to figure out. I ultimately had to manually mold the plastic part of the skate by taking a heat gun to the inner side of the skate and pressing down on it to widen it. Luckly it worked. Now all is good.I can skate pain free. I love them. Here in the northwest there is no skate shops around the corner so figuring it out on ur own is ur only option# if ur a noob u wud probably return these becuz they are not ready out of the box. But they are adjustable, So they kinda are for noobs becuz u may never know ur feet are pronated or supinated until u buy skates, so these will allow for a perfect fit- given that u know what ur doing or atleast have a shop nearby to help out. Let me reiterate- i love these skates now that i have finally fitted these to my own pronated crooked feet.
ulysses ornelas (Federal Way)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great skates, all I can really say.
Kevin Panasiuk (Palm Harbor)
Rating: 5 of 5!
The skates themselves are really good lots of control very stable however an exposed bolt caused pretty bad blister on arch weight of foot. Easily fixed with some Velcro (soft side only) I guess I’m used to faster bearings but the “included“ wicked abec7 bearing are slow I’ve put about 30miles urban on the skates no sign of breaking in. Had a pair of FR’s Fr3 80s w/cats jaguars and those are fast but too much room in the toe areas these imperials are a perfect fit except the exposed bolt in the arch way of the skate. Pros: good fit, stable, light boot, good shock absorbing. Cons: slow bearings (easily fixed), slightly heavy frame,
Travis G. (Buena Park )
Rating: 4 of 5!
Solid pair of skates, construction is sturdy and nothing feels flimsy, it does resist the wear and tear of usage. Maybe a touch plasticy. The lining take some time to break-in so be ready to get a few blisters for the 10 first rides, or try ride often but in shorter session and stop before your feets scream pain. Someone mentionned slow bearings, I didn't know that piece of information and it does take some effort to get speed. That said, as a newcomer to the world of inline, this is well-enough for me now. I will upgrade later down the road with faster bearings when needed. Boots do feel heavy and even after a month, I'm still surprised of the weight. Especially when I'm taking them off ! I did not have issue with exposed bolt like previous reviewer had and as my feet seems standard, it's quite a good fit althought I wish I could fit tighter. Haven't tried the MyFit method of heat-shaping the lining.
Jean H. (Seraing)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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