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DPS Phantom 2.0 Base Glide

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This is a new way of waxing/treating your ski.

You need regularly to wax your skis and snowboards in order to enhance glide and to maintain the base. And normally it only takes short skiing sessions before your base is wax free once again, and you have to apply wax once again.

Phantom Base Glide and Application kit is a whole new way of treating your skis. Actually, you only have to add in the Base Glide once - and that’s all. Meaning that only one time in the lifetime of your skis and snowboards you have to apply the Phantom Base Glide.

Phantom is a permanent, one-time application base-coating that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards that never wanes across all snow temperatures. The coating can be applied to new or used equipment.

It permanently alters the entire thickness of your bases to make them faster and harder. Performance never drops off, regardless of days ridden or stone grinds of the bases.

Remember to carefully follow the instruction included in the kit in order to make a proper glide.

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