Barbie Patin: It was six intense and amazing days of quad skating

This summer 56 girls shredded the heck out of the skateparks in Malaga during Blading Camp. If you weren't one of the lucky bladies attending the sold-out workshop, we made a recap for you.

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For the first time ever, aggressive quad skating was a part of the very popular Girls Only Week at Blading Camp. In fact, the tickets sold out in no time!

One of the roller skaters, being involved was our team rider Barbie Patin, who was a teacher at the camp.

Photo by: @alexjb_

“When Josh Glowicki, the guy behind Blading Camp, asked me if I wanted to come I immediately said yes. I really want to thank him and the Blading Camp team for making this possible and letting our sport into their amazing camp”

An incredible was to share my passion

So, how was it to be teaching at the first aggressive quad workshop at Blading Camp?

Photo by: @alexjb_

"It was incredible to share my passion for quad skating with 56 girls from all over. When we didn't skate, we visited all kinds of tourist attractions - it was six intense and amazing days", Barbie says and adds.

Photo by: @alexjb_

"But the best part was the excitement when the women achieved their goals. They all worked hard from day one, and as time passed, I could see how their dedication, hard work, and desire to learn paid off."

A worldwide sisterhood

When we ask Barbie how she thinks the future of aggressive quad skating looks like if she should judge it from the girls attending this year's camp, her answer is clear.

Photo by: @alexjb_

"The sport is growing, and the community is getting stronger. Why? Because we support, respect, and include each other, she says and continues:

Photo by: @alexjb_

"It makes me happy to see how girls worldwide are empowering and inspiring one another. You can always get help, no matter if you are a newcomer or a seasoned pro"


Be sure to follow Blading Camps Instagram for more aggressive inline and quad content. Want to get into roller skating yourself? Find all you need here.

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