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The new Longway 2k19 completes are here

Longway Scooters are known for making quality parts and completes that give you a bang for the buck. The new Longway 2K19 completes are no exception.

They are here! The new 2k19 completes from Longway Scooters. Once again, the brand has surpassed itself when it comes to delivering quality at a reasonable price.

Weather you are looking for a scooter to shred the park of ride to school you can be sure to find it here.

A killer park setup

Are you looking for a low-weight setup to kill it at the park? Then check out the Longway Sector 2K19.

It’s aluminium bar and short, narrow and durable deck + the IHC compression makes it perfect for park tricks.

Besides the sweet-looking camo colorway, Longway Sector 2K19 complete scooter also comes with the newly developed Defender Triple-V Clamp which is super durable.

A true bestseller

The Metro 2K19 scooter is a popular choice for riders who are going from being a beginner to an intermediate rider, and not without reason.

The aluminum bars and deck weighs next to nothingt . Add the smooth IHC compression, threadless fork, and quality headset, and you got a sweet setup for making whips and spin-tricks.

The 110mm wheels give you the speed and control, while the solid spoked metal core makes them last for ages. The Metro 2K19 Stunt Scooter comes in 7 sick colorways.

A pro scooter for the smallest riders

Why settle for less just because you are little? The Longway Summit Mini 2K19 is a quality complete explicitly made to fit the youngest riders.

The aluminum deck and chrome steel bars make the Summit Mini 2K19 durable and light, making it ready for the big jumps in the park.

The scooter also comes with a fully integrated headset and the IHC compression making it perfect for both newcomers and intermediates.


Be sure to check the rest of the Longway Scooter 2k19 completes right here.

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