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2018 highlights from the SkatePro BMX riders

We are proud of our team riders, who have managed to do some crazy things this year.

Our boys killed it in 2018 from winning gold at FISE Montpellier over making an edit for Merritt BMX to qualifying to Simple Session 2019

We couldn't be happier!!!

An instant success

This summer Inuk Sigstad took home a gold medal from FISE Montpellier 2018.

Even though it was his first time, Inuk won a gold medal in the BMX Spine Ramp and a bronze medal in Freestyle Park Amateur Competition.

It's the best event in the World! Just to meet so many people and ride in front of all the spectators. The ramps are huge, the competitions are amazing, and there are so many good riders. And the crowd, wow, don’t even get me started, they are amazing!”, he says.

Getting his very own Merritt edit

2018 was the year where our team rider Marcus Diemar released his very own Merritt edit.

“I’m stoked about this whole thing. Me getting sponsored by Merritt - I mean that’s crazy. I’ve been a big fan of Merritt for years and ridden a lot of their parts. So, to be a part of it, wow, That really means the world to me”, he says and continues:

"There’s a positive vibe towards Merritt in the community, and people really show respect for the brand. But being a part of the team has also led to some great friendships with some of the other riders such as Billy Perry and Austin Mazur" he says.

Taking things to the next level

Adrian Malmberg qualified for Simple Session 2019 in Tallinn by finishing in the top 3 in the Swedish BMX competition Lucia Jam

Photo by: Adam Klingeteg

We're looking forward to see Adrian representing us at one of Europe's most prominent and oldest action sports events.

"It's a true honor to be qualified for Simple session. Always loved to go there and the riding is completely insane. I have high expectations for the contest. Groundbreaking tricks combined with style and progressive street riding. It's going to be awesome!", says Adrian.


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