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HangUp 205 Big Wheel Scooter

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This Recreational scooter from HangUp comes with big 205mm wheels that make transport a breeze. Combined with ABEC7 bearings you get an easy gain of speed and a sustained roll.

The bar is height adjustable so you can customize it to your preferred height. It has EVA foam grips on it which makes it soft to the touch, limits vibrations from reaching your hands and also ensures a safe lock on the bar for safe scootering.

Furthermore the 205 Recreational Adult scooter has a large brake pedal over the rear wheel, a kickstand for easy parking and it is primarily made from aluminum, which makes it light weight and easy to carry around when riding it is not an option.

The easy-to-use folding mechanism makes it simple to pack it into a smaller package for storage in your closet or for carrying around.


This scooter is not built for big jumps and extreme tricks.

Total height:
85 - 95cm
Wheel diameter:
Deck design:
Max rider weight:
Headset type:
Deck length:
22.4" (57cm)
Deck width:
4.72" (12cm)
Fork type:
Fork design:
Bar material:
Clamp size:
Wheel profile:
Wheel hardness:
Core material:
Core design:
Bearing precision:
Brake type:
Recommended from:
10 years
*****UPDATE****I bought this item expecting it to be useful for short local trips. My son has a small child's scooter, which I used. But I decided to buy a more expensive adults scooter. So I purchased HangUP 205 Big Wheel Scooter. Big wheels sounded like it would be better then my sons small child scooter. After using HangUp 205 Big Wheel Scooter a few times, I realised it only works well on very smooth surfaces. My sons cheap kid scooter does a better job. I explained my dissatisfaction with customer care, so I have to take photos, send emails and I still wont get a full refund according to customer care. I am very disappointed in the product and for the price it is rubbish. *****UPDATE**** I was in contact with Skate pro again and now they have kindly offered replacement wheels. Hopefully this works better.
Zuleikha Khan (Dublin)
Rating: 4 of 5!
Reply from SkatePro:  Hi Zuleikha,
Very good that you have contacted us after your first review. Happy that we could help you out with some new wheels as a service from us to see if you do like them a bit more than the original ones :) We look forward hearing what you do think about the wheels! /Justin
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