Enter the big bowl with SkatePro team rider Noah Graetsch

Noah is only 15 years old but he has surely mastered the scary bowl that many do not dare enter. He has been skateboarding since he was 10 and is determined to become a pro skateboarder in the near future.

But what made him choose bowl? How? For several years the bowl/pool riding has been out of the skateboarding focus but recently, with the new-coming generation of skaters, bowl riding sees a come-back. Companies like Vans restore old pools and bring them back to their previous glory and as a bonus, some of the sickest competitions/parties are being organized.

Noah has at least one of those on his checklist. But see what else he had to say in this short and very straight to the point interview with our team rider.

Noah, mate, how come bowl? Why specifically bowl?

Well, I started when I was 10 years old and because we were going to Australia every year (I am half an Aussie, you know), wherein my local town we have a bowl, I basically started going in there. And I just like the flow when riding a bowl.

What makes riding bowl different from any other?

You can just get a lot of speed really easily.

Do you need a special set up for it?

Yeah, you need bigger wheels...bigger than street ones.

Was it weird for the other skaters to see you there - this young kid riding this massive bowl?

Yeah, it took a bit time getting used to that because a lot of the people are actually street skaters so actually, I was mostly on my own skating the bowl.

Who is your idol?

Rune Glifberg from Copenhagen, of course.

Planning on joining the Vans Pool Party one day (the biggest bowl skating event)?

Oh yeah, that is definitely my dream.

Do you plan on going big, meaning becoming a pro?

Yes, definitely, I am going for a pro. That’s why I keep on training - to become a pro and be sponsored by a big skateboard brand.

What does it take to be good in the bowl?

It takes a lot of speed and your tricks should not look sketchy. You need to be surfing the bowl pretty much.

Okay, we have the old school, drained pool riders like Tony Alva and then bowl skaters like Bucky Lasek who ride giant bowls. What would you go for: 'treasure hunting' for an old pool, or a 13-feet bowl?

I will go for the pool hunting because you’d never know what you are going to get so I guess it will be really exciting.

What would you say to all of the guys your age that are keen to start but are a bit scared of the big bowl?

Just get into it. You don’t need to start off big, you can just carve around, you are not going to get worse from skating.


Well, you heard the young man, just get your boards and jump into it! The bowl is fun, old-school and on the rise again. So awaken your inner surfer and skate that concrete wave without fear!

And remember, if you need to get your skateboard ready for it, or just pimp it a bit, we got you covered at SkatePro.com

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