Say hello to Them Skates

Jon Julio is one of the grand old men of rollerblading. The US-based entrepreneur has been involved in blading for many years, and he was the official face and founder of the recently closed Valo Skates that were produced by Roces.

For Jon Julio, it didn’t take long before he was ready to present a brand new project: Them Skates.

It’s actually a brand that Jon Julio has been working on for a while, and he has invested a big amount of his savings into. Actually all his savings according to a recent interview he did with the blading Podcast “Mushroom Blading”.

Almost ready

Them Skates are almost ready. The specs and pictures have been posted online, and the skates are ready for preorder - also at SkatePro. Since there has only been produced 1.000 pairs worldwide, placing a pre-order might be a good idea, if you want to be sure to get your hands on Them Skates.

Them skates are a remake of a skate called Sabotage that was manufactured by Ultra Wheels twenty years ago. Jon Julio traveled to China where he found the factory, that used to produce the Sabotage model.

In “Mushroom Blading” he describes how he found this “diamond in the rough,” that he started working on.

The remake builds on the same technology, but with some modifications that bring them up to speed with 2018, and they come with the UFS-system that makes them compatible with almost every frame on the market.

Skaters welcome Them Skates

The skating community is thrilled about the new skates, just take a look at these reactions:

James Towers writes:

“I praise JJ for putting his money where his mouth is and I truly hope bladers around the world realize that the industry can and will change for the better if we allow it to and support the first, true Blader owned company. Respect!”

Daniel Naron writes:

“At first I was shocked at the end of Valo. So shocked that I didn’t “read between the lines” and noticed the 4 dots at the end of it all. Valo really showed me a side of myself I put away in my younger days. Valo may be gone, but if you ask me the “real” Valo is wherever Mr. Julio is. It may be a different name, it may be different colors, but we are still there with him.”

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