Get your longboard autumn-ready!

Yes, you can still ride your board despite the changing conditions outside. All it takes is some small upgrades and probably a raincoat, and you are ready to go. Here are two little things that can make a big difference.

What autumn normally brings is a sudden rain while you just went out to ride in the sun; or fallen leaves and twigs, as romantic as they may look, it might be a nightmare when longboarding over them. But we got something for you!

Just add titanium

You no longer need to panic every time you get caught out in the rain. Mosaic bearings have come up with these Titanium Abec 7 babies which have increased anti-corrosive properties.

Adding a titanium coating to the bearings makes them more resistant to humidity and this means less rust and damage after a rainy session.

The Mosaic Titanium edition bearings also come semi-sealed with a removable rubberized metal shield, which will keep all kinds of small particles and dirt away.

When there’s water, be a Shark

And speaking of dirt and water, it is an absolute must to mention the Shark Formula A wheels. T

hese are the craziest looking wheels and some of the coolest inventions for your longboard.

The Shark wheels, with their distinctive shape and Formula A rubber, are total go-anywhere machines. Due to the grooves on the wheel, you can easily go through wet, sandy, or cracked road surfaces.

Needless to say that they will also get you quite a lot of attention and even extra speed due to the lower friction levels.


Psst! And if you really need that raincoat, we actually got some really cool coach jackets that will do. Now board on!

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