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Ombre OG Skateboard Deck

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The Ombre OG skateboard decks from Girl are just to die for, when it comes to both looks, feel and shape. The graphics are printed on gradient stained veneers with a really nice selection of contrasting colors and the graphics continue on the topside, making your heelflips look sick.

So expect a lot of pop, both in the form of colors and of course also from the magical 7-ply maple deck.

Choose your favorite size or go for your favorite Girl Pro Skater.

ModelDeck widthDeck lengthWheelbase
8" - Brandon Biebel8" (20.3cm)31.875" (81cm)14.25" (36.2cm)
8.125" - Andrew Brophy8.125" (20.6cm)31.625" (80.3cm)14" (35.6cm)
8.25" - Brandon Biebel8.25" (21cm)31.75" (80.6cm)14" (35.6cm)
8.25" - Sean Malto8.25" (21cm)32" (81.3cm)14.4375" (36.7cm)
8.375" - Cory Kennedy8.375" (21.3cm)32" (81.3cm)14.4375" (36.7cm)
8.5" - Sean Malto8.5" (21.6cm)32" (81.3cm)14.25" (36.2cm)
Deck material:
Maple, 7-ply
Deck Colors:
Fixed Colors
Deck features:
Double kicktail
Not included
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