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Give Back Friday - two years supporting the community

Two years ago, SkatePro initiated the GIVE BACK program, an initiative that supports various projects related to action sports. Black Friday this year is no different, as we will donate 5% from every order made on November 25th to charity.
Please find the current supported Give Back Friday projects below:

Make Life Skate Life
MLSL is an organization that builds and establishes skateparks in developing countries such as Nepal and Lebanon where our funds were prioritized. Read more:
€15,000 (112,500 DKK) donated.

Le Hangar Skatepark
The pandemic has resulted in many skateparks having to close and unable to pay rent, risking a permanent shutdown. We found LeHangar, an amazing French skatepark that opened in 1986 that has created a foundation for thousands of young kids in the region.
Read more:
€5,000 (37,500 DKK) donated.

Bold Projects
Bold Projects is a Finnish organization that raises funds for charities. This year it is supporting which focuses on mental health and giving marginalized families opportunities. The crew skated 1600km from Nuorgam on the northern tip of Finland to Helsinki.
Read more:
€2,000 (15,000 DKK) donated.

Ruddalen Skateboard Union
The youth of Ruddalen Skateboard Union in Sweden dreamt of a miniramp so they could skate all year round. SkatePro donated all ramp materials that was then built by volunteers. Read more:
€1,866 (14,000 DKK) donated.

Blaue Kreuz, located in the area of Bern-Solothurn-Freiburg, Switzerland, started a movement called #ZEITGEWINN a youth awareness program that helps kids spend less time on their smartphone. More than 2000 joined and the winners received skate gear from
Read more:
Scooters and skateboards were donated.

An initiative by the Swedish Barncancer Fonden that raises funds for children with cancer. The group skated a combined total of 965km while visiting Malaysia, Thailand, Netherlands and Sweden. SkatePro supports this annually with safety equipment and skate hardware. Read more:

Sport Ligand
The Lagos Skateboarding Project Youth Development is a workshop in Lagos, Nigeria. SkatePro provided skateboards and gear for the workshop and prizes for events. Read more:

Caritas Pflege
An Austrian initiative to help and activate young refugee kids. They created skateboard workshops. SkatePro provided all the skateboards and safety equipment.
Read more:

Stichting Opkikker
A Dutch foundation that gives children with disabilities or in bad health a dream day. SkatePro organized for a pro scooter rider to perform a show for a family, and supported prizes given out at Opkikkers' bingo night. Read more:

Let's Give Back.

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