Comprando protectores para los codos.

This guide will help you buy the right elbow protection.

Hockey elbow pads are designed to protect you agains bruises and breaks when you fall or get hit by a stick.
The elbow pads does not only cover your elbow but also protect your overarm and a part of your lower arm.

You can find your size by wearing shoulder protection and gloves. Then measure the distance between the lower edge of the shoulder pad and the edge of the glove. It is important that the elbow pad is the right length. If it is too long it will conflict with the glove and if it is to short a gap between elbow pad and glove will show up.
The size of the elbow protection vary from brand to brand. This table will guide you to chose the right size based on your measurement on your arm and your height.

Model Measurement Height (approx.)
Child 8" - 4'
Junior Small 10" 4' - 4' 6"
Junior Medium 11" 4' 6" - 4' 10"
Junior Large 12" 4' 10"- 5' 4"
Senior XSmall 12" 4' 10"- 5' 7"
Senior Small 13" 5' 5" - 6'
Senior Medium 14" 5' 9" - 6' 4"
Senior Large 15" 6' -

Most elbow pads can be adjusted in size with the velcro straps. This way they can easily be adjusted to the individual size of an arm.

Good elbow pads allow you to move freely while at the same time gives you good protection no matter what position your arm is in. It is also important that the padding (preferable gel) is good in order to give you the best protection.

See our selection of elbow protection for Fitness, Ice hockey and Roller hockey.


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