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Piezas Salt BMX

Salt Slim 9/16" Pedales BMX

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Estos pedales BMX de Salt para bicicletas BMX tienen un cuerpo de aluminio fundido y un eje de cromolio. Los Slim tienen un diseño super ligero, clavos intercambiables y un diseño de 425mm.

Aptos para bicicletas con cigüeñales de 2 y 3 piezas.

Diámetro del eje del pedal:
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Reseñas   (17)
If you're looking for grip and longevity these are the pedals you want. I grind with alloy pedals, and take the pins out of one side.. Ive ground these into dozens of curbs and they dont wear through. The bearings are really adjustable, and the pins are easy to replace. I have these pedals on 3 of my bikes and I have no complaints. They grip, they last, easy to service, not heavy, and they are a good price for alloy.
Ian Feretycki (Timmins Southeast)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Pedals upon unboxing a little stiff. V. small bearings: doubts about longevity. This is a common problem w/t slim pedals - needle / taper roller bearings would resolve these issues resulting a much sweeter running, higher load capacity pedal. Rather expensive for what you get.
Matthew Simpson (Swindon)
Evaluación: 3 de 5!
Respuesta de SkatePro:  Hi Matthew,

I'm sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your pedals. I contacted you in order to address this better and we'll surely find a solution for you together! ✌Please get back to us soon.

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