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Almohadilla de goma Powerslide

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Pastilla de freno de repuesto para sistemas de frenos universales y para patines de niños Powerslide.


El taco es perfecto. Encaja en el freno sin problema y ya lo he estrenado. Frena sin problema :)
Marta Sanchis Perez (Tres Cantos)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
buen freno.
Daniel Estringana Cañas (Torrejón de ardoz (Madrid))
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Very poor quality, The product wears off remarkably quick (used a brand new one today for a 50 km trip and it didn't make it until the end). This doesn't just make it an expensive brake to use but also dangerous if you don't know any other braking techniques. Tip: Rollerblade brakes also fit under the Powerslide frame (with a longer screw) and last longer.
Stephan Sanders (Tilburg)
Evaluación: 1 de 5!
First class customer focused staff, quick delivery. I live in Mallorca and they ship it all the way over. Super job in short time!! Breakpad is good value for money. No complaints. Keep going like this Skate Pro! Saludos Marleen Franklin Mallorca
Peter Franklin (Nova Santa Ponsa Mallorca Illes)
Evaluación: 4 de 5!
Quite good product for the purpose. Can be used only with Powerslides general brake kit. Doesn't last very long, so better to order several, because it should be checked and changed after few times usage, so that breaking power is assured for whole travel. Amazingly quick delivery, many thanks.
Markku Hainari (Espoo)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!