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ABS A.Light Base Unit

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Going deep in the powder this year then stay safe with the A.Light Base Unit Avalanche Backpack from ABS

With this highly advanced avalanche base unit, you get the building block of a unique carrying equipment system for Freeride winter exploration with the added safety of a set of airbags, activated by the pull of a handle on the front of the left strap which can be crucial in saving your life in an avalanche situation. Inside you will find a set of basic necessities that will get you far in terms of escaping after the snow has settled again.

Tech Features:

  • The ABS®Twinbag bladders fill up at an instant with the proven pyrotechnical ABS® release system
  • A single handle at the bottom swiftly gains you access to a shovel, a 96'' (245cm) probe, and a first aid kit
  • With the Core Boost modular system, you can go light with the bags original 10 Liter storage room or pack heavy with the addition of extension packs (sold separately)
  • The UniGrid strap system allows you to strap on various equipment externally to the bag such as skis, jackets, or other bulky items
  • Handy pockets are found through the bag providing secure storage for your items and an isolated pocket for your phone to prevent temperature-related battery loss
  • A leg strap will help ensure that the bag stays in place when the snow hits
  • Sternum strap with easy magnetic closure
  • Adjustable padded straps and an adjustable back panel makes the A.Light Unit sit perfectly against the shape of your torso
  • Remember to get it in a size that fits you - See the size guide for reference
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