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Venom Plug Barrel Downhill Bushings 2-Paquete

Durómetro: 93A
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Tighten up the handling with your Caliber trucks and prepare for a steady ride?

Grab a set of replacement bushings for your Caliber longboard that is bespoke in shape and function. It will eliminate lateral play by filling in the gaps between the hanger and kingpin and make your ride more responsive and with a more direct turning feel.


  • Venom HPF formula
  • Made in the United States of America
  • One set includes:
    • One plug barrel bushing
    • One regular barrel bushing


  • 85A = Yellow
  • 87A = Purple
  • 90A = Red
  • 93A = Green
  • 95A = Glow In The Dark

Notice: You need two bushings for each truck, which means you need two 2-Packs for a complete setup.

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