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McNett Iron Mend Neopreno Repair Patch

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Tore a hole in your favorite wetsuit then patch it up with the McNett Iron Mend Neoprene Repair Patch

The McNett neoprene patches come with a list of tricks up its sleeves. It is made up of a line of materials that will leave you with a waterproof fix for whatever neoprene wet-wear you are fixing.
The layers are Neoprene on top, with a Barritex Protective lining, with a urethane adhesive on the bottom.

Tech Features:

  • Repair holes in seconds with your household iron
  • Protects you and your gear from abrasions, thanks to the Barritex protective lining
  • Stretchy materials mean you can fix holes in areas that see much use
  • Comes with a re-useable heat-shielding paper
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