Skaters bucket list: Top 7 of the greatest skateparks

SkatePro brings you our list of the greatest skateparks in the world.

Let’s be honest. This is probably one of the most difficult articles we have ever written. After hours and days of research and countless interviews with our team riders, we have come to the conclusion, that we can’t make a top-list of the world’s greatest skateparks that everyone can agree about.

But don’t worry. This won’t prevent us from giving you our take on that list and show you some amazing pictures and videos from 7 awesome skateparks around the world.

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Let’s get started.

7. Stapelbaddsparken Skatepark, Malmö, Sweden

Stapelbaddsparken is the home of Quicksilvers Bowlriders Cup. It was the park that started the avalanche of new concrete bowl parks in Malmö and is considered being one of the best. Stapelbaddsparken is located very close to Bryggeriet, which is a very nice indoor skatepark that you can visit when the Swedish winter is raging outside.

Features: Bowls, quarter pipes, cradle, stairs and hubbas.

6. Marseille Skatepark, Marseille, France

It’s also called “Bowl Marseille”. This beautiful skatepark is located right next to the beach in Marseille and consists of multiple bowls in different shapes and sizes. It’s referred to as an old-school gem with two huge perks: It's free and it's right by the beach.

Features: Multiple bowls.

5. Burnside Skatepark, Portland, Oregon

Built without permission by local skateboarders. Later sanctioned by the city. And at last approved by the politicians. Burnside Skatepark is by many considered being one of the true core skateparks in the world. Since the local skaters build the park in the 90’s, the park has been featured in countless skate magazines and the video game “Tony Hawk Pro Skater.” It’s probably still the most famous “DIY skatepark” out there.

Features: Bowls, wallrides, quarter pipes, vert wall, curved tranny, hips and bumps.

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4. Denver Skatepark, Denver, Colorado

The keyword in Denver Skatepark is bowls and even more bowls. When you arrive at the park, just north of downtown Denver, this massive, scenic park has bowls for every style and skill level.

Features: Multiple-sized bowls, ledges, banks, handrails, hips, pyramid, hubbas, bank-to-wall, bank-to-ledges, euro gap, humps, bumps and flatbars.

3. SMP Skatepark, Shanghai, China

“It had to be the biggest, it had to be the best and it had to be the most innovative.”

These thoughts were behind building this massive park back in 2004, and the result was just stunning. The park is the biggest in the world and holds the record for the world’s biggest ramp and concrete bowl. Everything is big in China these days - including their skateparks.

Features: Full pipes, numerous bowls, handrails, stairs and hubbas.

2. Stoke Plaza, Stoke-On-Trent, England

This enormous all concrete course was built in 2010 and is one of the biggest skateparks in Europe. It’s mainly a street plaza with a small bowl section at the side.

Stoke Plaza is a fantastic facility and if you are a street skater the park is a must-visit.

There are countless numbers of lines and a lot of space between obstacles to adjust between tricks. The surfaces are smooth and fast, and just a beautiful location.

Features: Ledges, banks, steps, handrails, hubbas, quarter pipes and bowls.

1. Black Pearl Skatepark, George Town, Cayman Islands

Opened in April 2005 by Tony Hawk, The Black Pearl is the largest outdoor concrete park on the western hemisphere and the second largest in the world. The park has several lines for all skill levels, making it the perfect place to skate for everyone.

Features: Moguls, bowls, hips, cradle and some street bits like stairs, ledges and handrails.


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