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Binding mounting

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Mounting of binding on alpine skis, cross-country skis, snowboard, telemark skis or roller skis.
Please note your boot size in the comment for the ordre.

Note: Only when also buying skis, rollerskis this service is free. This service is only avaiable for products bought at SkatePro. (Mounting of Snowboard is not free)

Mounting of bindings on your snowboard.
(Please write the information in the comment area when ordering the items)

If you want us to mount your bindings we need the following information:
- Are you Goofy (Right foot in front) or Regular(Left foot in front)
We mount your bindings with standard angles - front foot 15° and rear foot 0°.
If you wish other angles let us know so when making your comment when buying the items.

Notice: Please note that you have chosen binding with the right mounting system that fit your snowboard. So that the binding can be mounted on the snowboard. Please look under the product specifications "Binding system" for both the snowboard and the binding what mounting system they use.

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Binding were installed per the numbers I gave at the time of checkout (boot sole size was imprinted on a back of the boot), but when I tried actual boots I found that they are slightly loose in bindings and I have moved rear half one click forward. Not sure if I should move forward half aft. Thank you!
Vladimir G. (Shoreline)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Excellent job mounting the kingpins onto some new Black Crows. Keep up the great work!
Jody F. (Bozeman)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Super service. Adjustment was done correctly.
Andrzej Romanski (Vancouver)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
A professionally done job. Great!
Mark Gulbrand (Mount Horeb)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Very good. The procedure was a breeze. I liked the fact that they take most variables into the account for the binding settings.
Evaluación: 4 de 5!
The bindings go from 0 at the front to - numbers as you push the tumeric binding. I am not really sure where neutral is. It wasset at 0 when shipped
Leonie K. (Blaine)
Evaluación: 3 de 5!
Respuesta de SkatePro:  Hey Leonie,
I hope everything is more clear after your contact with us :) /Justin
That is SkatePro for mounting my boys bindings! They’re perfectly centred for freestyle 👌
Paula B. (Lawton Heath End, Church Lawton.)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Nadine Hollingsworth (Whitley Bay)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
All set up and ready to go - no problems.
Jennie B. (Manchester)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Excellent .
Adriano toniolo (Crawley)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Excellent job!
Lee S. (Sheffield)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Good service
Ken Chan (Poole)
Evaluación: 3 de 5!
Looks good on skis. Feels secure.
Clive Newell (Boston)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
Binding mounting was perfect. No problems at all
Bradley Pearse (Brentwood)
Evaluación: 5 de 5!
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