Cross Country Ski Pants


Cross country skiing pants: Keeps you warm, dry and free to perform your best

So what to wear when skiing? Well, it depends on what kind of skiing you’re going to do. If you’re spending your days on the mountain enjoying cross country skiing or nordic skiing you need a pair of cross country pants.

These pants look like running pants and there are also many similarities between running pants and cross country pants. So how to choose what to wear when skiing? Well, there are a few things to think about.

A good pair of cross country pants is well-articulated at all the joints so you can move with both freedom and comfort. Last but not least this should help to keep you warm and dry. The front of the pants usually consists of wind blocking fabric to keep the wind from cooling you down.

The backside of the pants is usually made from stretchy and breathable fabric to allow moisture from your base layer to evaporate. If the weather is very cold it’s also possible to get thermal cross country pants.

All the cross country pants you’ll find in this category are made from quality fabric by some of the best brands available.

The breath test

If you want to test if your cross country pants are wind blocking you can make a “breath test”. Take your pants, hold the fabric close to your mouth and blow hard. If the pants are wind blocking, you shouldn’t feel any air pass through the fabric.

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