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Cross Country Ski Pants


Cross Country Ski Pants Are Lightweight and Breathable

Pants for cross country skiing are designed with materials that allow your legs to move freely and stay warm while cross country skiing. Like a lot of other cross country ski clothes, they are not heavily insulated, as your body tends to create its own heat by moving your arms and legs. Therefore, you can expect thinner, lighter and breathable pants that are perfect for active trips in the snow.

Cross country ski pants, also known as Nordic ski pants, can have a number of other nice-to-have features. These include zippered legs for added ventilation and elastic waistbands for closer-fitting pants.

Are Cross Country Ski Pants Waterproof?

Not all cross country pants are waterproof, as there are models that favor other qualities needed for cross country skiing. Many pants are made with innovative water-repellent fabrics that limit water penetration but also provide good air ventilation. It is common that the front part of cross country ski pants has water-resistant and windproof fabric. The back of the pants has more breathable materials to allow the heat and moisture to ventilate through it.

For cold weather days, it is still possible to wear a base layer under the cross country pants. To see what we have available, check out our collection of Cross Country Underwear.

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