Cross Country Ski gloves & Mittens


Keep warm in the cold weather

Cross country skiing is a physical sport where you can end up sweating quite a bit if you’re wearing a pair of traditional alpine ski gloves.

In our selection of gloves for cross country skiing, you’ll find everything from fingerless gloves, to wear when you practicing on roller skis, over “normal” gloves to mittens which can keep your fingers warm, when the temperature is way below zero.

All the gloves and mittens you’ll find in this category are made to provide you with the best grip and comfort as possible - something that's important on your cross country trip. Most of our gloves and mittens for cross country are both wind breaking and sweat transporting so you’ll be able to keep warm and dry when you’re out on the back mountain.


A part of being out in nature is the ever changing weather conditions. That's why we recommend that you use the same base layer/insulating layer/shell layer combination on your hands as you do for the rest of you your body. In that way, you can simply remove or add layers as it gets warmer or colder.

For those really cold days on the back mountain, we recommend wearing cross country ski mittens. It can be an advantage to use a “lobster claw” mitten, which is a combination of a glove and a mitten, this hybrid allows your fingers to warm each other up like mittens, but with the articulation of a ski glove. This kind of mitten also provides you with better control over the pole something that’s important for your performance.

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