Cross Country Ski Bags

Cross Country Ski Bags for Travel and Transport

To keep your cross country skis safe when traveling, it’s vital to get a Nordic ski bag. The bags you see here are specifically designed for cross country skis and some models will come with a roll-top closing so you can adjust the length for an even more snug fit. These bags are the best way to transport your skis by air but are also the most practical option if you are driving as well.

Many ski bags are capable of holding up to 10 pairs of skis. This is ideal for racers that must carry multiple pairs for an event or an easy way for a small group of skiers to carry them together. In addition to this, these bags are waterproof and some have mesh panels to ensure good ventilation.

If you need a bag for your all mountain or piste skis, then check out our other Ski Bags category.

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