Ski Hoodies & Winter Sweaters


Ski Hoodies for the Cold Mountains

During your ski holiday, you are going to want a warm and comfortable piece of clothing to wear after a long day of skiing. Ski hoodies and ski sweaters are great to have during your time off the slopes. Whether you are heading out for some apres ski drinks or involved in a family snowball fight, a warm and comfortable sweatshirt is a must-have.

You can search for either men's or women’s ski sweaters by using the filter option, but many of the models are unisex.

Ski Sweater or Ski Hoodie?

The answer to this question is all down to personal preference, as no one is better than the other. There are a few common features in ski hoodies that ski sweatshirts don’t have. Starting with the obvious - the hood function, which can be accompanied by laces or drawstrings. This can be nice for keeping the warmth in and is a good replacement for a hat. There are also zippered ski hoodies, so you can wear them open or closed, which is useful when going in and out of the cold weather.

Depending on the weather conditions, many of these ski hoodies can be worn on the slopes. During the warmer spring days, when there is no sign of snow or rain, the usual ski clothes aren’t always necessary.

For the days that you do need that extra protection against the elements, check out the Ski Jackets.

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