Ski underwear keeps the kids warm and dry

Thermals aka ski underwear is an important part of a great day out on the mountain. Thermal underwear is the base layer that’s supposed to keep you dry and warm all day long. This is especially important when you are a kid out playing in the snow or skiing on the mountain.

The Base layer

Is the layer of clothing next to the skin.The primary function of the base layer is keeping your kids dry and warm when you’re out for a long day on the slopes. Unlike “old fashioned” long underwear for kids, thermal underwear leads the sweat and moisture away from the skin. Modern thermals for kids consists of long johns and a long sleeved shirt.

Besides long johns and long sleeved shirts, you’ll also find tights, balaclavas and neck gaiters for kids in this category. The thermal underwear and other clothing you’ll find in this category are designed in bright colors and with fun graphics, that the kids will love.

Think like an onion

Dressing in layers is the way to go when you’re out for a long day on the slopes. The weather might be cold and windy when you’re starting to ski, but the weather can quickly change to being warm and sunny. Dressing in layers allows you to remove a layer or two, so your kids don’t get overheated, on the other hand you can just add a layer of he/she is freezing, or the weather gets bad.

A day out

It’s not only when you’re out skiing, that thermal kids underwear comes in handy. A good set of long underwear is also crucial if you’re kids like to be outdoors playing and having fun in the cold months of the fall and winter.

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