Race BMX Chainrings

Number of teeth
Sprocket mounting

BMX bike chainrings: Gives you the speed you need

1-2-3-Go. The start gate opens, and the riders accelerate to get the lead. A good start is everything in Race BMX, you need to accelerate fast, and this is where the Race BMX sprockets aka Race BMX bike chainrings plays a vital role.

The BMX bike chainrings used by race BMX bike riders are often light materials like aluminum or carbon to save weight, an issue that all race BMX bike riders have in mind.

Teeth is speed

BMX sprockets used on race BMX bikes are single speed. This is also why race BMX riders care a lot about how many numbers of teeth are on their Race BMX chainrings/ Race BMX sprockets. The number of teeth on the BMX sprocket determines how fast the bike accelerates and also how much power you can transfer when riding at high speeds. This is also called the gear ratio.

You can calculate the gear ratio of your race BMX bike chainring/ BMX sprocket yourself. Take the number of teeth on your BMX bike sprocket, and divide it by the number of teeth on your freewheel. The result of this simple equation gives you the gear ratio.

If you want to find the gear size, you multiply the result you just got with the diameter of the BMX Wheels

If your gear size is large 58 or higher, you will go faster, but take off slower. It will take longer to reach top speed. Snapping out of the gate, going uphill, powering out of turns, etc. will be harder with a high gear. On the other hand, a low gear size of 55 or less will result in a better start, but lower overall speed.

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