BMX Race Stems

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BMX Stems for the Race Track

The race BMX stem is what mounts the bar onto the fork shaft and plays a big part in the feeling of the front part of your race BMX. When getting a new stem, you need to take into account the length, the rise and whether it is a top load or front load style.

The main difference between the two types of stems is how it connects to the bars. As their names suggest, with a top load stem the bar is loaded from the top of the stem whereas, with a front load, the bars are held at the front. In BMX racing, front load stems are traditionally the more popular option.

How to Measure BMX Stem Length

The length of a BMX stem is measured from the center of the steer tube hole to the center of the bar hole. This is referred to as the reach. A reach of 50mm is most common but of course, it is possible to get stems shorter and longer than this to suit your preference. In general, a shorter stem will give you more responsive steering while a longer stem will provide more stability.

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