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Trick hack: Go "pro" in no time

Learning new tricks and upping your game is an important part of action sports, no matter if you’re skating, skiing or riding scooters. This easy and fun hack will make you progress much faster.

So what is this magical formula to go into light speed learning mode? Well, it’s quite simple, use a trampoline to practice new tricks and techniques. Furthermore, it’s much safer and more forgiving than a hard real-life pavement, rails or half-pipes.

By using this training method, you’ll not only avoid hurting yourself when you’re learning new tricks, but using a trampoline also helps your balance, heightens your endurance, and increases your muscle power in the legs and core.

Last up; you can skip the part where you look like a total noob in front of friends and onlookers at the skate or snowpark. Find out how some of our team riders use the trampoline as a steady training tool and how it has changed their way of progressing.

Higher, faster, and wilder

Simon Jonson is one of the SkatePro team riders, who uses a trampoline as a tool for training his scooter skills.

“I use it for training my balance and rotations. Furthermore, it’s way easier to learn new tricks on a trampoline than on flatland or a ramp. When I started doing tramp scootering, I discovered that my balance got better fast, I could jump higher, and I’ve got better at aerial tricks”, he says.

Riders like the Funk Brothers have made Tramp Scootering as it’s called a very a popular thing among scooter riders for years. Another one of our team riders that uses a trampoline as a way of practicing tricks is Paul Granerud.

“I use it to practice technical tricks because you get a little extra thrust compared to when you set off on a normal surface. Furthermore, it gives me that extra gut feeling, you know that falling on your back doesn't hurt as much on a trampoline as on asphalt or concrete” he says.

Fast progression and fast recovery

Snowboarders around the world have used the trampoline as a sturdy training tool for quite some time as well, one of them is our rider Ola Koskiniotis from Poland.

“It allows me to do all the tricks I want: jumps, flat rotations, flips, and take-offs. I can try out risky tricks without hurting my body, so it’s less dangerous to learn some new stuff. Furthermore, I use a snowboard deck from Addiction with straps to make it feel even more realistic when I hold grabs during rotations”, she says and continues.

“Every single trick I learned on the trampoline first is much faster to master on the slopes. I feel much more comfortable in the air when I have practiced my tricks on the trampoline before. And the great thing is that the hangtime is the same, so I know exactly what to do when I’m on the mountain”, says Ola.

But she has not only used the trampoline to learn new tricks. In the middle of the winter season 17/18, Ola went out with an injury and had to undergo surgery, which meant that she was out for several months. So when it came to getting in shape again, she turned to the trampoline.

“Two months after my surgery, I started to use it for my rehabilitation exercises. I started with baby steps and only small jumps, then moving too little flat rotations, and now I’m able to do everything from before the injury” she says.

How are you using your trampoline to become a better Skater, scooter rider, skier or snowboarder? Show us by using the hashtag #skatepro on Instagram.

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