First ever skier to ride down the most dangerous peak: K2

Andrzej Bargiel, a Polish alpine skier, just entered the history books by becoming the first skier to summit the lethal K2 and descended it with skies on his feet!

On the 22nd July, early in the morning, Andrzej Bargiel successfully not only conquered the world’s second highest peak but he also went down it with style! Yes, he descended K2 on his skis!

K2, the notorious Savage Mountain is only 237 meters shorter than Everest but way deadlier. With 29 fatalities per 100 successful summits, compared to 4 fatalities out of 100 for Everest, K2 lives up to its dangerous reputation. Its more northern location makes it the hardest peak to climb due to technicality and weather complications.

So reaching the peak of this ‘monster’ is already an achievement but running down these vertical lines with skies is pure heroism. Hands up for Andrzej Bargiel for pushing the limits of action sport and for proving us that passion and desire can make us do extraordinary things!

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