This is why we surf at SkatePro! Part 4 - Skimboarding

Not that long ago we started the series 'This is why we surf' to show you the passionate people at SkatePro that are, for a good reason, our water experts. Now is time for the skimboarding enthusiast - Phillip Sønderskov.

We sat down and spoke with Phillip, our Head of Customer Connection team. Apart from his amazing organizational skills, he is also a keen skimboarder. So every time you come up with a question regarding one of our skimboards, this is the man with the answers.

So Phillip, how did you get into skimboarding?

I got into skimboarding because I tried a demo here at work actually. I saw some guys do it and I thought it looked like so much fun, and being an old skateboarder and snowboarder, I just HAD to try it.

The first couple of times wasn’t a success really so I went on Youtube and watched a lot of videos and how-to, and realized I was in the completely wrong water. I researched some spots where there was shallow water and found some really good ones.

Since then it has been super fun with long “skims” and fewer slams. But finding the right spots was really a game changer and I got hooked at once! Now I go a few times a week if the weather and tide allow it.

What is the buzz you get from it, where is the thrill?

There are two main things in it for me. The first thing is the social part, I almost always skimboard with friends and colleagues, and we just have a blast helping each other with tips and pushing each other to get better.

The other thing is the progression and the amazing feeling you get when you finally land the trick you've been trying a million times. When you just finally nail it after working hard on it, you feel like you’re on top of the world. I believe many skaters, surfers, and other action sports people can relate to this.

Besides, that it’s just a good and fun way to spend some time outside in the good weather. I have never been the type who can just lay on a towel at the beach and read a book. I need to keep myself occupied, hahaha!

What will be the punchline of a marketing campaign for promoting skimboarding if you were to write it?

Buy a skim if the water is too shallow to swim! :D

And as usual, any tips, tricks, and skill boosters?

Everybody can do it, and it doesn’t hurt that much to fall in the water. But the best tip for getting started is that you really have to go for it when you try to jump on the board. Any half try, and you’ll either land wrong and fall or land with one foot on the board and one in the water and do a split. So go for it! Bend your knees when you land and don’t give up if you don’t get it in a first try. Nobody is born a pro!

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