Simone T. Christensen: Don't restrain yourself

We talked with one of the fastest ladies on a race BMX about how it is to be a woman in an action sport dominated by men.

She looks down on her front tire as she’s standing at the gate waiting for the start signal. Even though this is a training session, Simone T. Christensen's focus is 100 percent on the bike and the track.

Okay riders, random start, bip bip biiipp. The gate snaps and Simone throws her bike forwards, giving it all that she's got.

This is not only a sport - it is her life! This attitude, combined with hard work, bruises, cuts, and talent have earned her several medals at the World Championship, the European Championship, and the European Games, as well as a spot at the Olympics in Rio 2016.

“Yes, we can!”

Simone has been riding since the age of 8 when she got on a Race BMX bike at Bjerringbro BMX club in Denmark. But has she ever thought about how it is to be a part of a sport where the majority of the riders are guys?

“I don’t think it’s a problem, I actually like it, but then again, I’ve always been a tomboy. When I was young, I always played football during recess and climbed trees with my brother. When I started in my local club I just raced against the boys and rode BMX bike with them, because there weren’t any girls, and I think that this has shaped me into the rider that I am today”, Simone says.

She points out that women’s race BMXing has really evolved ever since the discipline became a part of the Olympics.

“The technical level among female BMX riders has really gone through the roof over the last few years. And I know that the guys really respect us for that. We should not be restrained by our gender - Yes, there is a physical difference between the boys and us but we should just say to ourselves “f*@k it, we’ll try the same as the them, she says


Nowadays Simone trains with all the best female riders both in Denmark but also around the World, something that she enjoys a lot.

“I really like the feeling when you’re a group of riders, who are training together and just keep pushing each other all the time. Furthermore, it’s a really close community, and I’ve gotten some good friends out of it", she says.

But according to Simone, there are some challenges within the world of female BMX which she thinks need to be addressed.

“When I’m out there I see some younger girls that are holding back because they don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the boys. I think that’s stupid because why should a stigma about girls decide how good you are at race BMX? You need to be a little fearless and keep pushing yourself to become better, and yes, you’ll crash once in a while but you quickly find out that it doesn't kill you, she says.

So does Simone hope that she can inspire the young or future female riders to pick up the bike and give it all they got?

"I constantly do my best to keep pushing myself and get better. Of course, I hope to be able to show the younger generation of girls that we can do the same as the boys - It just takes hard work".

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