European Skimboarding Cup - a competition for everyone

In 2016 Magnus discovered the European Skimboarding Cup and since then he got hooked. Looking at the photos from this year’s edition we totally understand why.

The European Skimboarding Cup (ESC) is a series of events happening in different countries all over Europe and it is growing each year. Magnus has been a scooter rider for the past six years but recently, there is a new buzz for him and that is skimboarding. The reason for that?

“Skimboarding is a great way to enjoy the water, like, for example, surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing are. However, skimboarding is cheaper and easier to find good places to skim”, says he.

We asked him about the ESC, in which he participates since 2016, and how good you should be to participate and there is some good news:

ESC is open for everyone. You don't have to be a pro to enter. A lot of the participants don't have a sponsor or anything(...)I would say if you have the opportunity to go to one of the events and maybe compete then do it! Also, you will maybe also meet some of the pros like Adrien Raza or Logan Davidson ;)”, says Magnus.

Well, there are some hacks which help a lot being good on the board:

“Many of the skimboarders like Adrien Raza and Isaac Thomas is also skateboarders besides their skimboarding career. And all the tricks you do is called the same as on a skateboard. Skimboarding is pretty much just skateboarding on shallow water so of course, it would be an advantage to be a skateboarder”, says Magnus.

So, no need to be pro, guys! Just grab a skimboard and go enjoy the vibes because it looks absolutely amazing out there. And apparently, one of the keenest boarders are in Poland (hands up for you guys):

“As I have seen, the country with most participants is the event in Gdansk Poland called PSO (Polish Skimboarding Open). I have never participated in the PSO myself but as I have seen they have about four heats with 10 participants in each. This is over twice the number of participants I have seen in the other events.”

Magnus also has a positive prediction in regards of the growth in skimboarding:

“I'm convinced that skimboarding will become much bigger than it is now. I'm in touch with skimboarders from Poland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Holland and everyone is making skimboarding bigger in these countries(…)In general, we have a lot of people in Europe who are doing their best to make people stoked about skimboarding and spreading the knowledge of the sport”.

Sounds promising and we hope this prediction will prove to be true because the more action sports around, the better. And if you need to check the nearest spot to skim, check out Magnus’ webpage where he maps out some of the places. If you need a skimboard to do so, then check also our SkatePro website.

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