There’s a new street jam in town

Judging from the reactions and comments from the riders, bystanders, and organizers, The Streetz LDN was a success! Did you miss out? Don’t worry, get the recap and much more right here.

Both the number of spots and the competition was groundbreaking when the first edition of The Streetz LDN took off this weekend. SkatePro had sent their finest to represent us, here among, Johan Grunwald team manager for the SkatePro scooter team.

I think it was a great event. London isn’t famous for its spots like Barcelona but I must admit that the team behind The Streetz LDN had managed to pull it off. There were banks, rails, fun boxes, stairs, and gaps, so there was something for everybody. We went to 15 spots, and the jam lasted 8 hours. I think it must be a record for a street jam”, Johan says and laughs.

More prizes more winners

But the thing that impressed Johan the most was the new and innovative way the team behind The Streetz LDN had chosen to run the contest.

“At competitions like Paris and Barcelona street jam there’s often a lot of riders that do some sick tricks during the day but then when we hit the last spot there’s one rider who throws a banger and wins it all and I think this is an unfair way to judge a street competition”, he says and adds:

“The Streetz had chosen to elect a lot of winners during the day. They divided the street jam into three areas and found a winner for each area. Besides that, there were a lot of prices for the young riders. The Streetz had focused on product prizes instead of big money prizes. I think it was a very including way to have a contest - And kudos for having the courage to do such a thing.”

An instant success

So credit from Johan to the people behind The Streetz LDN, but how do the organizers think the event went?

Photo by: Photo: James Murrell

“For us, it was a major success. We met riders from all over the world, this is amazing considering we started this event some months back and no-one had even heard of The Streetz. We've already received hundreds of messages from riders thanking our team for such a good event. We’ve also received lots of constructive criticism. Obviously, there are a few things that we need work on”, says Moses Obibi who’s one of the leading forces behind the street jam.

So the jam was also a success from the organizer's point of view but can we already look forward to The Streetz LDN 2019?

“You bet you can. We got so many comments from attendees that already stated that they cannot wait for next year. I can reveal that the planning for 2019 already has begun”, says Moses.

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