Back in black! The badass look.

If you want to supplement your skateboard skill with some sick street look, well, we have the perfect match for you. Check out this head-to-toe black look.

Trends change constantly, and that goes for skateboarding as well. One thing, though, has never and will never go out of style - black. It's sleek, it looks super cool and it hides perfectly the blood stains from your scratches. Combine that with a black skateboard monster like the Element S Collection and you are quite set.

Ok, since we are already talking about the board, we might as well continue the praise. The best thing about the Element S Collection board (apart from the looks, of course) is that it has the Featherlight construction with 100% American hard rock maple. This means a beautiful pop and, at the same time, solid durability.

The shoes

És has been standing for comfort, durability, and good-looks on and off the board since 1995. The Etnies' sub-brand brings us those És Accel SQ skate shoes with 400 NBS gum rubber for extra grip and durability.

The pants

Moving from bottom to top, let’s look at the pants. The Element E01 slim fits have just the right amount of stretch to make them comfy and still not lose them while jumping on the ramps. The funky washed-off look is a bonus ;)

The T-shirt

To stay true to the theme and get the least color as possible, we picked this slick t-shirt from Alis. Straight up from the 'free town' Christiania in Copenhagen, this t-shirt comes with a stealthy gray, silkscreen logo on a 100% organic cotton.


That's it - keep it simple, keep it cool, keep it black! Oh, and skate on, of course ;)

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