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Scoot edit: SteadyShot ON in Berlin

SkatePro team riders Jonas Kjær and Mathias Holst have teamed up to make this new sick edit. We had a talk with Jonas about Berlin, his favorite spots, and clips from SteadyShot ON.

Ask any scooter rider which city he or she want to travel to ride and they’ll probably choose Barcelona, Paris or London. But with this edit, Jonas and Matias prove to us that Berlin will give all the other “skate cities” a run for their money when it comes to sick street spots.

So what makes Berlin such a great city for scooter riding? When we ask Jonas his answers:

“There’s a lot of great spots there. They have a lot of big buildings with all sorts of stairs, rails, squares, and gaps. There’s also a lot of urban skateparks, which is more street inspired than your normal skatepark, he says.

Hidden treasures

But it was not all about huge buildings and public squares, Jonas and Mathias Holst teamed up with local scooter riders Tom Luca Holubowski, Fabian Müller, and Jannik Förster to find spots.

“The guys took us to a lot of sweet spots, which weren’t overcrowded with other skaters and riders. Berlin has all these raw and industrial locations which are challenging, but so great to ride. I like that it’s not all smooth surfaces and ledges like in Barcelona”, says Jonas.

Photo: Jannik Förster.

Jonas points out that Berlin together with the rest of Germany, and also Denmark, are often overlooked when scooter riders are choosing a destination to travel to ride.

“People are missing out. I often hear someone talk about that it would be cool to travel there and ride, but they’re ending up choosing the popular cities, which is a shame. Berlin and Copenhagen for that matter have as many great spots”, he says.

Top clips

Matias and Jonas have made sure to deliver some sweet clips to the SteadyShot ON in Berlin edit. So which is Jonas’s favorite scene?

Photo: Jannik Förster

“Well, there are two clips I want to mention. First off there’s the one where Mathias does a 180 over a big fat ledge. I remembered we were talking about that he should keep his speed down, but he didn’t, and well, he did the trick anyway”, says Jonas and adds

“The second clip is one with myself. I do a grind on a ledge and then a manual around a small building and then jump up on another ledge. It was challenging, but I succeed, you can see that I use my balance to hold the manual”, he says.

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Photo: Jannik Förster

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