Alert! Get your young girl active!

Studies show that the physical activity among teenage girls is way lower than among the boys. Why? And how to change it? We have a few suggestions.

Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that adolescent girls are up to 20% less active than the boys at that age. What are the benefits of helping your young lady stay active? Why do they face this problem? And what can you do? We can answer that.

Why should your girl be active?

We all know that sports and motion are good for anybody, at any age. However, it is very important for teenagers to get their portion of exercise. For the young women, in particular, physical activity helps them develop their peak bone mass which reduces the risk of osteoporosis later on.

Other health benefits are also reducing the risk of heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes. It is also important to mention the mental and emotional benefits of physical activity, such as reduced stress, anxiety problems, and depression among youngsters. So why are girls less active then?

Girls face many challenges

There are various reasons why so many girls become less active during their teens. One of them is the perception of gender roles. Often teenage girls look at sports as a "boys thing", and the lack of exposure to female athletes plays a big role in this.

Another reason is the social expectations and pressure. On the one hand, there are all the peers who 'dictate' trends such as, "If a girl is doing an action sport or a sport in general, she is weird" and gets excluded from the crowd. On the other hand, is the academic pressure where girls are expected to perform better academically than boys, which takes them away from motion and sports.

What can you and we all do?

Introducing female athlete role models is one of the crucial elements. Girls role models change over time, from their parents to their peers, for example. In order for them to get active and motivated when it comes to sports, they need to be exposed to influential sportswomen.

Don't underestimate yourself as role models as well. Moms still set an example for their young ladies during the hard teens. Get active yourself and see how the inspiration comes.

Do sports together, try new activities and why not go for some action sports. After all, competing with the guys on their own turf (or at least on male-dominated turf) can be extremely motivating!

Stay tuned for more inspirational stories with superwomen in action sports and in the meantime, be one yourself!

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