Summertime is street jam time

It’s summertime and for scooter riders all over the World, this means street jams. The next big one takes place in London in a few weeks. But what’s all the fuss about street jams?

Imagine several 100 riders on their scooters riding down the street. The mood is crazy, you’re riding fast, you’re happy, and the adrenaline is pumping around in your body. Everybody is full with anticipation and talking about what sick tricks they’re going to see at the next spot.

This is just one of the amazing scenes that every scooter rider who have attended a street jam will recognize.

With the London Street jam coming up, we talked with our team rider Michael Skretting who attended already to several street jams in the past.

One big community

Michael has been riding since 2012 and is a seasoned street jam attender, but what is it that attracts the riders to go to a street jam?

“It’s so chilled - we’re just riding around, there’s no strict time plan. We take our time at each spot, and when we’re done one place, we just ride to another. When you ride between the spots, you feel like - Today we’re taking the streets for one day”, Michael says and adds.

“It’s a very social thing. You really feel that you’re close with every rider there. You cheer for everyone even if you don’t know the guy who’s riding the spot. Everyone is supporting each other and people are getting hyped for every landed trick.”, says Michael.

An adrenaline rush

Michael points out that the cool thing about a street jam is that everyone, no matter if they are pro or amateur, can participate in the street jams.

Michael shredding a street spot in Oslo

“You don’t need to be the best rider to attend, there’s no time limit, so you can just ride the spot as many times as you like and people are very supportive. You also get inspired to push yourself further, when you see the pros doing all these sick tricks”, he says and continues.

“You don’t even need to ride to get something out of attending the street jam. Just being there, wow. When you go to a crazy spot like a big stair with a long handrail and somebody is doing a banger everyone just gets stoked, you get an adrenaline rush like no other even if you’re just a spectator, it’s so sick”, says Michael.

London Street Jam: Bigger and stronger than ever.

London Street Jam will return in its full glory on the 21st of July under its new name “The Streetz”. It’s going to be bigger and crazier than ever before and with riders like Pol Roman, Maxime Bouzid and Brandon James (one of the OG’s of street riding).

According to one of the people behind this years street jam, Lizzie Biggs, the riders and crowd are in for a real treat.

“Well, we can’t give too much away! But riders can expect to see new spots, millions of prizes, new ways of winning through competing, raffles, giveaways. A large part of our event is the pricing structure. We have a whole array of ways to win a prize at each spot meaning there are more opportunities for riders to win something, no matter their level of experience” she says.

Just some of the prices you can win at the Streetz LDN

Lizzie also points out that another important part of the new street jam is involving the crowd when it comes to deciding who should win.

“We want the community to be more involved in the event and in deciding who wins, as we believe they are the key element to these events! Without them, the event wouldn’t happen, and they are the true judges of who is the best on the day. Be sure to follow us on Instagram because we got more for you guys”, she says.

Don't miss any news about all the sick stuff that's going to take place at The Streetz LDN. Follow the event right here.

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