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The many benefits of SUPing

In the recent years, many board sports have been on the rise. However, one of them is really booming. Yes, we are talking about stand up paddling, or shortly SUP. And there is a reason for it - basically, anyone can do it without being an Olympic athlete.

Suitable for everybody

SUPing, in contrast to traditional surfing or kiteboarding and alike, can be done almost by everybody. It can be a family sport, where you all gather up, get in the car and have a sweet “get-away” (and some good laughs in the water).

Age is not much relevant when it comes to SUP, if you can keep balance on the board in the water and hold a paddle, you are quite good to go.

You also don’t need to be a skilled stand-up paddler to get on the board and enjoy it. Getting started with many other board sports can be a bit frustrating but the SUP learning curve is not that steep so you can have a blast from the very beginning.

Workout, meditation, and an easy escape

Well, it is a sport after all, so you get your dose of exercise but in a calm, pleasant environment (something you don’t get much in the gym). You work out your upper body, train your balance, and at the same time can meditate, surrounded by the water.

SUPing is a perfect escape from the fast-paced city life, from stress, and anything that may bother you.

The ocean is for everybody

One of the greatest advantages of SUPing though is that it gathers people. SUPing is rarely a competition, there is no fighting who will catch the wave, or how fast you can go. It is about being together with your family, friends, or simply with nature.

And the best part is...

SUPing has also become way more accessible with the inflatable SUP boards (iSUP). Many of them are just as good as the hard boards, with the 'only' difference that they fit in a backpack that you just grab and run (check some of the iSUPs we have in stock here).

If you want to know a bit more about the different types of SUPing and iSUPs, keep an eye on our blog. There's more coming!

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