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Skateboarders, King of the Road is back on!

It is finally time for the new season of King of the Road where this year’s teams Element, Real, and Foundation are competing for the title. Who’s on the teams, where to watch and more? Read further.

They say a picture says 1000 words. Well, then this video must be saying it all, so we’ll keep it short.

What is King of the Road?

Here is a little prelude for those of you who haven’t seen the first seasons of the competition. King of the Road is a skateboarding competition started by Thrasher magazine in 2003 where preset teams of pro skaters are given various (and sometimes crazy) challenges across the US.

Who’s on the teams?

This year there are three teams - Element, Real Skateboards, and Foundation. In team Element are Nyjah Huston, Evan Smith, Madars Apse, Mason Silva, and Tyson Peterson. Team Real - Zion Wright, Kyle Walker, Jack Olson, Chima Ferguson, and Robbie Brockel. And team Foundation is Cole Wilson, Dakota Servold, Corey Glick, Nick Merlino, and Aidan Campbell.

Where to watch?

Thrasher is working together with Viceland on this one so you can watch it free on or TV premieres, streaming and on-demand are also available around the globe so check here for more details about your location.

NB! And remember, do not attempt those tricks at home, just go outside. But if you are not there on the skill level yet, leave it to the pros and wear protection (and pants)!

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