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My alternative spot (part 2) - Pro choices again

We are still on the hunt for alternative, cool spots to ride around the world. The SkatePro team riders are on the task and here is the second portion of places to hit. Remember to share yours too.

Felix Fiilin, Talin, Estonia

Where?: The DIY skatepark in Talin is really close to the railway station. It's up on a hill with some really old stairs and ledges. You can't miss it. It's 15min from the harbor. Go up the hill and you will find a lot of sketchy spots around a playground.

How did he find it?: "A local dude told us about it and I have seen it in some clips".

Why is it special?: "This spot is really cool because of the location, it's close to everything and in the middle of the woods. If you have time you should go there. In one corner there are some massive handrails you can hit If you can; rails, bumps, boxes, kickers and some weird stuff".

Luca Polla, Longarone, Italy

Where?: In the center of the small town of Longarone, in front of the square and next to the pizzeria.

How did he find it?: "Pretty easy to find since the town is so small".

Why is it special?: "The town has an interesting story, to begin with. On the 9th October 1963 a huge piece of the mountain collapsed into the water basin of the dam "Vajont" lifting 25 million cubes of water that destroyed the whole town. Else, when it comes to riding, the gap or stairs is my favorite spot because before doing the jump I've got much adrenaline."

Marcus Diemar, Copenhagen, Denmark

Where?: The place is at Høje Gladsaxe, there are a lot of high-rise complexes just up the road. There is no exact address but the street is called Høje Gladsaxe and it's a long trail with different playgrounds and actual spots.

How did he find it?: "I saw it one day when my mother drove me home because I had flu and a sore throat. However, I clearly remember that I literally shouted, 'Stop, stop, drive in here! That was a spot!' despite the fact that I could hardly go because of fever".

Why is it special?: "It makes it special because many of the spot hunters in Copenhagen have no idea that here there's the wildest flat rail spot where you can make infinite lines. And actually not so far from Copenhagen. There are rails in all lengths and heights that you need to learn tricks and get to the next level".

Care to share?

To keep the series of posts going we need more input. This is why we want to hear from you. Share your favorite alternative spot in your city and tell us a bit about it: where is it, how you found it and why is it special #myalternativespot #skatepro.

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