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My alternative spot (part 1) - The choices of the pros

Since now is the time to really give it a go on your skateboard, scoot or BMX, we decided to get some insights from out pro riders about the hidden, secret, and alternative spots in their cities. You got one too? Share it!

Richard Zelinka in Prag, Czech Republic

Where?: An abandoned pool once belonging to Vaclav Havel, old president of Czech Republic. It is in Barandov Praha, next to Main road Jizni Spojka.

How did he find it?: "I found it when I was on the top of Havel's house which was totally broken. My friends and I went in it and from there we saw there is a swimming pool down there".

Why is it special?: "This spot is special because not many people know about it. They closed the pool because the sun went down about 3 pm so people were in shade the whole day. It is special for me as well because two of my friends and I were cleaning that spot four years ago for two months every day. It was lots of work!"

Adrian Malmberg in Stockholm, Sweden

Where?: A rail in the middle of the city, Medborgarplatsen. Easy to get to with the train to Medborgarpladtsen.

How did he find it?: "It is actually quite a famous spot so it is hard not find it".

Why is it special?: "It is not the coolest looking place but it is good! It is quite popular in skate videos as well".

Dylan Ditchfield in Manchester, England

Where?: Urbis (also known as football museum ledges). The spots are behind the football museum building which you cannot miss, it’s a huge glass/ blue building. The image shown above is just one of the several ledges that this place has to offer.

How did he find it?: "I came across the spot when I was out in Manchester with a few riders a couple of years ago. There was a little skate jam going on which we all sat and watched, then after they had moved on we stayed to ride and we have been hooked on this spot ever since. I personally really enjoy Urbis because of the number of skaters that go chill and ride there; it makes it have a skatepark feel to it although it’s in the streets"!

Why is it special?: "It’s a unique spot which is almost like a plaza with tons of ledges that have been waxed up and ready to shred. Urbis offers several lines and snakes runs. It’s a well-known spot in the north west of England and is known for the urban culture that is shown by the skaters here in Manchester".

Sharing is caring

In order to continue the series, we need your alternative spots as well. So share them with us on Instagram #myalternativespot #skatepro and we will choose some to put into our next articles. Tell us where it is, maybe how you found it and what makes it special.

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